Massage and Body Care Dublin 4

Essentials offer a variety of massage and body care in Dublin 4. Treatments available include Swedish Massage, Reflexology,  Lomi Lomi Massage, Thai Massage, Tibetan Massage, Thai Head Massage, Hot Stone Massage, De-Stress Massage and Pre-Natal Massage. Please see below for Massage Price list or book online now here.  massage and body care Dublin


Our highly trained therapists will adjust the massage pressure and techniques to your preference to create a wonderful feeling of well-being and relaxation.

Full Body (60 mins) €80
Back Massage (30 mins) €40
Essentials De-Stress back Massage (45 mins) €55
Lomi Lomi/Tibetan/Thai Massage (60 mins) 80
Reflexology (60 mins) 80
Thais Head Massage €45

Pre-Natal Massage

The perfect treat, this idyllic treatment comprises of a variety of techniques including Swedish massage to reduce tension and promote relaxation, along with lymphating drainage if necessary to help reduce swelling, guaranteed to leave you in a state of complete bliss.

1 Hour €90

Hot Stone Massage

This Essentials Hot Stone treatment is extremely relaxing and detoxifying using hot basalt stones. The heat from the stones warm up tight muscles in order for your therapist to work more deeply. This amazing treatment in aiding stress-reduction and enables you to completely relax and unwind.

1hr 15 mins €110

Essentials Massage and Body Care Dublin 4

Aromatic Body Softening

This treatment regenerates body and mind. The therapists at essentials recommend this treatment if you desire to regain soft skin and a body which is velvety to touch. In just over one hour, your therapist, in the midst of essential oil scents, you will regain a feeling of well-being and serenity.

Sugars, kiwi and natural particles enable regenerative skin exfoliation. The skin is gently freed of dead skin, allowing it to breath. The skin is clear, soft and comfortable, its texture is refined.

Single Treatment €85
Course of 3 Treatments €225

Aromatic Body Contouring

This contouring body treatment uses a massage with essential oils and a clay mask leaving the skin feeling firm. The treatment is most effective on the legs and waist, but also achieves results on areas such as the knees, calves, ankles and arms. Anti-cellulite massage is applied to the body, its beneficial effects of detoxifying anti-cellulite oil tackle excess fatty deposits and to dissolve cellulite wherever it is located.

A treatment course of three treatments consecutively will increase results.

Single Treatment €85
Course of 3 Treatments €225

Aromatic Body Polish

Essentials Massage and Body Care Dublin 4

A complete body exfoliation Treatment to eliminate dry flaky skin and refine skin texture. The exfoliation is followed by an intensive moisturiser to leave the skin feeling comforted and softened.

Single Treatment-45 mins €55
Course of 3 Treatments €150

Dermalogica massage

Dermalogica exfoliating mineral salt body-scrub

Completely customised to either energise or reduce stress, this Mineral Salt Scrub therapy polishes skin to a soft glow while providing critical hydration. Mineral sea salts and sea weed exfoliate whilst skin smoothing enzymes help dissolve dead skin cells. Natural oils and extracts help stimulate the senses while cleansing and conditioning, and the added benefit of warmth helps invigorate the mind and body. This luxury exfoliation treatment concludes with a refreshing shower,

It is a great treatment to prepare the skin for a tan or in helping remove one.

Body Scrub (40 mins) €50

Dermalogica De-Stress Back Massage

De-stress your muscles and cleanse the skin of impurities with the purifying and relaxing back treatment. A deep cleansing scrub sloughs off dead skin cells, readying them for the removal of toxins. Your hardest parts will be cleansed, polished, hydrated and refreshed.

De stress Back Massage (45 mins) €55

Essentials  Massage and Body Care Dublin 4

essentials Beauty & Skincare Clinic on Baggot Street offers a range of de-stressing massage and body care in Dublin 4. Relax and unwind with a body therapy treatment or massage package at essentials. We offer a range of treatments for the body from top to toe. Have a soothing and relaxing massage, or try an invigorating body exfoliation therapy treatment to smooth and resurface the skin.